Peptide Therapy Options

Peptide Therapy Options

We offer a variety of peptide therapy options, including Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides and others that help increase muscle mass and burn fat.



Ipamorelin is a new muscle building peptide supplement that can significantly increase muscle mass while burning fat. The growth hormone released from Ipamorelin makes this one of the strongest peptide supplement on the market. The benefits of Ipamorelin therapy include:

  • Increases growth hormone levels
  • Reduces hunger levels
  • Increases lean body weight


AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 of the GH polypeptide. Investigators at Monash University discovered that the fat-reducing effects of GH appear to be controlled by a small region near one end of the GH molecule. This region, which consists of amino acids 176-191, is less than 10% of the total size of the GH molecule and appears to have no effect on growth or insulin resistance. It works by mimicking the way natural Growth Hormone regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on blood sugar or growth that is seen with unmodified Growth Hormone. Like Growth Hormone, AOD 9604 stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the transformation of nonfat food materials into body fat) both in laboratory testing and in animals and humans. Recent findings have shown, in addition to its fat loss properties, AOD 9604 processes many other regenerative properties associated with growth hormone. AOD 9604  has an excellent safety profile, recently obtaining Human GRAS status in the USA.

Bremelanotide PT 141

Bremelanotide was developed from the peptide hormone Melanotan II. In initial testing, Melanotan II did induce tanning but additionally caused sexual arousal and spontaneous erections as unexpected side effects in nine out of ten original male volunteer test subjects.

Further testing showed Bremelanotide to induce lordosis and was also effective in treating sexual dysfunction in both men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (sexual arousal disorder). Unlike Viagra and other related medications, it does not act upon the vascular system, but directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system.


Tesamorelin is an injectable compounded prescription medicine used to reduce excess abdominal fat in patients with lipodystrophy. Tesamorelin has been used off brand to increase muscle mass in patients, as well as reduce triglycerides, increase cognition in patients over 60, decrease cIMT and decrease c-reactie protein. Tesamorelin contains a growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF).


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide Two (GHRP-2) is the strongest of the family of growth hormones releasing peptides. Yet, GHRP-2 is a healthier alternative to synthetic growth hormones and offers additional safety and lower costs. Some of the benefits with GHRP-2 include:

  • Improved muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Improved injury healing
  • Improved sex drive
  • Improved skin elasticity


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide Six (GHRP-6) increases GH production. Highly desirable with athletes, GHRP-6 offers the following benefits:

  • Increases energy
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases lean body mass
  • Decreases body fat
  • Increases collagen production


Sermorelin is a form of growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) that contains only the first 29 amino acids. The GRF that is produced by neurosecretory neurons in the brain contains 44 amino acids. In the 1970’s Nobel Laureates, R. Guilleman and A. Shalley found that only the first 29 amino acids are responsible for stimulating pituitary production and recreation of hGH. Therefore, the chemical name for Sermorelin is GRH 1-29 NH 2.