What Are Hormones?

Hormones are not drugs, they are chemicals that carry messages from organs to the cells in your body. They stimulate cells to heal, reproduce, rejuvenate and help keep your body’s natural balance in check. Disease and symptoms of aging occur when hormone levels decline.

Physical deterioration is not a requirement of growing older. By taking natural hormone supplementation you can help your body age in a healthy manner and optimize energy and activity levels along with many other benefits.

It is possible to stop much of the undesirable aspects, symptoms and diseases associated with aging. Denver Hormone Health Hormone Replacement Therapy is a state of the art science, which has been shown to prolong and enhance the quality of life. Prior to beginning therapy, a complete physical examination and a thorough blood level analysis are completed.  The results will help our physicians determine a personalized hormone supplementation program, which is monitored closely until appropriate hormone levels are obtained.

Denver Hormone Health only uses natural bio-identical hormones in our treatments. By using only natural bio-identical hormones we ensure our patients will achieve all of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without the risks and side effects associated with synthetic hormones.

Hormones We Measure And Treat: